The Oblivion is a superhardmode boss.

It consists of 2 stages (the eye stage and the skulls stage)

The eye stage has 3 phases:

  • Eye Phase1
    • Oblivion Eye charges at the player, ocassionally shooting Oblivion Fireballs, which explode after several seconds (or near the player - proximity fuzed). The explosion doesn't destroy any tiles.
  • Eye Phase2
    • Oblivion Eye starts spewing Oblivion Flames everywhere, then charges rapidly at the player.
  • Eye Phase3
    • Insane Rapid Charges, drips Oblivion Flames when accelerating.

And the skulls phase has 2 main stages (before and after one of the skulls is killed):

  • Heads Phase1
    • WIP
  • Heads Phase2 (after one of the heads is killed)
    • The remaining head becomes quicker.
    • WIP
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